Open Close windows program in smart way

📅  2017-02-09  By:  aonemaster

Remarkable time difference can be found while using windows shortcut keys instead of mouse and windows interface. The less you use mouse to open or close the programs there will be fast performance. To use windows shortcut keys to open and close the windows programs you need to know the process of the program. By process means the programs in execution. For example the process name for command prompt in windows is cmd.exe, for microsoft word its winword.exe, for taskmanager its tskmgr.exe, for notepad its notepad.exe. To find the process of unknown program you need to drill down its installation files or check in the task manager.

Right click on the program file icon and click on properties. Under properties you can see its name or copy the location of the program file and navigate to its folder and check .exe file. Alternatively, you can search in the internet. After getting the process id of the programs you can now perform various shortcut keys.

1. Open the Program

To open the program Press Windows Key + R. A run dialog appears and type the process name and press enter. For eg. If you want to open the Microsoft Word program type winword.exe and press enter. Here winword is the process name of Microsoft word.

2. Force close the Program

To close the program with shortcut key you can press ALT + F4 keys. However, if you need to force close the program then go to run as described earlier and type tskill process name. For example if you need to force close the Microsoft word program then type tskill winword.exe. This will immediately close the Microsoft word program immediately.

3. Shutdown or restart Windows

To shutdown enter shutdown / s, to restart shutdown / s, to shutdown after certain enterval shutdown -t Second in the run box and press enter. Here Second is the time you need to enter a time in seconds. For eg. if you like to shutdown your computer after 1 minute then type shutdown /t 60. To cancel the shutdown type shutdown / a and press enter. This will abort the shutdown.