Gaun Khane Katha

📅  2017-02-05  By:  aonemaster

Gaunkhanekatha or Gaukhanekatha is the traditional proverbial Nepali Game. Gaun Khane Katha also known as Village Eating story consists of question and answer as well. So there must be someone who ask and the listener who answer. This can be played with two or more person. The typical example of Gaukhanekatha is given below:

The above Gaunkhanekatha the question in English is: A thing that seats in the corner silently with a belt, but when it comes times it brush something. Guess hat is it?. Now we can see different hints here: they are 1. a thing 2. seats in corner 3. wears a belt 4. when times comes it brushes something. With these available hints we should guess the answer and the suitable answer is Broom. This is because broom is usually kept in the corner and it is tied with some ropes and can be called as belts and when times comes it brushes for cleaning.

So we can see Gaunkhanekatha is a very interesting question answers game with logical things to solve with so many hints given. Gaunkhanekatha game can have multiple answer for a question.

To play Gaunkhanekatha there are many websites available. All are best but we have one for example: Click Gaunkhanekatha to play online.