5 Gmail secrets you should know

📅  2017-02-15  By:  aonemaster

There are many features in Gmail we may not know. Knowing these features will ease our life by using these features and saving our time and effort. Today we will talk about these five features of Gmail you should know.

1. Enable "Undo Send"

Human makes mistake. Clicking on Send button after composing typo email may be common among us. Now no problem. You can navigate to Settings > General and Enable Undo Send. There you can choose time to work this feature and time range is 5 seconds to 30 seconds. This means within 5 seconds or 30 seconds you can do undo send email function.

2. Use canned responses

Canned responses are predetermined responses to common questions. Canned text is a very simple application that allows you to store all your canned responses in one place and easily copy them into your emails, tweets, and other correspondence. Within Gmail we can compose Canned responses then save it so that we can retrieve them and reuse at a later time. To enable canned responses, Go to Gmail>Settings>Labs> Canned Responses.

3. Offline Gmail

Offline Gmail is very helpful if you need to read emails while you are out of reach of internet. To be able to use Offline Gmail you need to use Gmail app called Gmail Offline .

4. Pause Inbox

If you see Inbox(1) in your Gmail then you will be distracted from your regular work. In such case Google offers Inbox pause feature to not show new emails unless you are ready to read them. After clicking Unpause you can see all incoming messages. Inbox Pause plugin is available in Chrome and Firefox browser.

5. Unsubscribing

There might be numerous emails that distract us and are not of important and most probably spam emails. The solution is to unsubscribe them. If there are lots of list to be unsubscribed then it becomes time consuming. Therefore there is Unroll.me, a free tool helping to organize your subscriptions in minutes.

These five features are very useful if you use Gmail as your main emailing application.