10 things you may not know about Nepal

📅  2017-02-05  By:  aonemaster

Nepal is a beautiful country with its stunning landscapes, geographical diversity, rich culture, kind and hospitable people and epic trekking trails. These are the key facts that you might already know. However there are some facts that you may not know. Here we list those less known facts:

1. Nepal Flag is Unique

Almost all the flag of all the countries have a rectangular in shape. However, Nepal flag is the most unique. Nepal’s flag is crimson red in color with two triangular shapes stacked on one another with dark blue border. The upper triangle consists of moon and the lower triangle consists of the sun. The current flag has been in used since 1962. It is considered as the most mathematical flag because it is hard to reproduce and complex maths is involved to make correct flag.

2. Nepal is a home of Yeti

Most mysterious snow animal Yeti is believed to be in Nepal. Yeti, a mythical creature, roams the remote mountain ranges of the Himalayas. However, no one till today has not found the clear evidence of the mysterious animal that is believe to look like human in feathers form.

3. Altitude variation of Nepal

Nepal is very small country. However, its altitude variation is most striking. Its altitude ranges from 59 meters to 8848 meters. Within an hour you can step from snow fall to moderate temperature and withing another some hours you can step into very hot weather.

4. Nepal is known as country of Living Goddess

Nepal is only the country who believe a virgin girl as a living goddess and worship her. The virgin girl called Kumari is worshiped.

5. MoMO as most popular fast food

This Tibetan style dumpling, filled with meat or vegetables is called as Momo in Nepal. Pizza and Burgers are popular in the western culture however people in Nepal prefer Momo and its their best fast food all over Nepal

6. Namaste instead of Handshake in Nepal

Handshake is the most popular in the world however there is a tradition in Nepal of doing Namaste instead of the handshake. Namaste means "I salute the God in you". This seams far superior than handshake. However, handshake is also practiced in Nepal. Namaste is the way Hindu people worship and respect God.

7. A country of Many Natural Records

Nepal is a country of many records. Mount Everest is the highest peak of the world with its height 8848 meters. Lord Buddha was born in Nepal. One horned rhino is found in Nepal. In addition Nepal has the deepest gorge Kali Gandaki with altitude 1200m and the highest lake on earth Tilicho Lake, 4,919 meters.

8. Nepali consume plenty of rice

Many foreign peoples complain that Nepali consume large amount of rice at once. This is because they do. Dhal Bhat Tarkari is the most consumed food in Nepal. Dhal Bhat and Tarkari means Lentils soup, rice and curry or vegetables. People in Nepal consume Dhal Bhat Tarkari 2 to 3 times a day.

9. Nepal a colony free country

Nepal, known as country of Gorkhas, was never colonized by the powers of the world. This is because of the bravery of Nepali solders and peoples. This is the reason Nepal does not have independence day at all.

10. Being called fat is a good thing

People weather fat or thing they like being called as normal. However, people of Nepal are happy if they are being called fat. They are not sad if they are called as fat people.