10 Rules for success

📅  2017-02-05  By:  aonemaster

Success is the measure of happiness and satisfaction. People wants to get or become something. If he gets or becomes then its called as success or else failure. There are 10 rules for success they are:

Rule 1: Success can have multiple forms
Success as a relative term which depends on planning and its execution. Success requires hard work and dedication. Without hard work and dedication no one can become successful and happy.

Rule 2: Believe your strength
We should have a strong faith within our self. This is called confidence. Confidence is key to all success. Furthermore, enemy of success is fear. Fear can lead nowhere than failure. We should clear our mind with positive thoughts and passionately concentrate on the destination.

Rule 3: Change, Learn and Improve
No one in this world comes becoming talent. A baby practices thousand times before being able to stand. Likewise, we should practice and learn from our failure and improve ourselves. People very often fear to be changed. This is absolutely wrong. To become success we should be able to change according to time and situation.

Rule 4: Highlight your Goals
We should identify and highlight our goals. This is because we should be able to be specific about what we are doing and what we should do. After highlighting our full effort and energy should be applied over it to achieve success.

Rule 5: Challenge Challenges
The fifth rule is to challenge the Challenges that wrecks us. It is often said that people in their old age regret that they did not challenged the things that fear them of failing. Facing Challenges is the key to success.

Rule 6: Take Initiatives
Taking initiative is the first step of the success. Because planning a good idea is meaningless unless it is acted. So be a man of action not man of dream. If you acted a first step then it is a halfway to the success. The worst enemy of initiative is lack of courage and full of fear.

Rule 7: Conquer your limits
We should always try to conquer our limits. Nothing is impossible in this world we can turn minus into plus. We should never set any limits on our self. Setting limits is being lazy and becoming cowards. Conquer limits to become successful.

Rule 8: Accept yourself
We should always have a high regard for our self. Having high self-esteem is knowing your truth and honoring it. Never try to be what you are not. So to become success one of the rule is to accept ourselves and move forward.

Rule 9: Be disciplined
Being disciplined is the most for all the situation and events of life and is the key of being committed to anything. Without being committed to anything we cannot be success. In addition discipline makes us respect the work and ourselves.

Rule 10: Be Victor not Victim
The last rule of being success is to be victor instead of victim. We should always take control of our life and never let anybody control it. Also we should not blame others but instead learn something from failure and past events. We should understand our role and fulfill the role ourselves.

Credit: Dr. Mridula Agarwal