10 Ways Smartphones Make our Life Easy

📅  2017-02-05  By:  aonemaster

Today smartphones are very common. Smartphones price ranges from 40$ and more. It is being cheaper day by day and basic phones are becoming obsolete day by day. But having smartphone is very common and many people cannot use its full features due to lack of knowledge. Smartphones consists of many features that makes ones life easier. We are going to talk 10 features of smartphones that makes our life easy.

1. Reminders

Reminder is the most powerful and useful features of smartphones. Do you need to bring vegetables after work? or Do you need to wake up at 4 am? No problem smartphone reminder app is here. By using smartphone reminder app or calendar app you can set the date and time you need to perform certain tasks. This feature is very useful in day to day life.

2. Information

Having smartphone is similar to having encyclopedia or more. With smartphone you can search anything and get information in your figure tips. For an instance if you have debate on any controversial things with your friend search in your smartphone instantly and solve the riddle. Similarly if you do not know which movie is currently playing you can just search in the internet.

3. Camera

Did you forget your camera on yours friends? Or Did you spot amazing sunset? or Did you spotted something notable? No problem you have smartphone with camera. Almost all smartphones are loaded with camera. You can use camera and capture that special moment for memories for the future to come. All smartphones have shortcut to camera i.e. camera can be loaded instantly without entering password or unlock feature.

4. Navigation

Did you feel stuck on somewhere new places? Do you need to go for an interview in new place? Now your worries are over most smartphones are loaded with navigation applications or you can download one. Its very useful feature that can show you path of success or your desired destivantion.

5. News and Weather

Now a days smartphones come with smart application that can alert important news as well as weather change or rainfall. These features are very useful because you can be upto date about news all around you and whole world. Weather prediction apps helps to take precaution and be safe from extreme temperatures and weathers.

6. Utilities

There are many utilities apps in smartphones. Flash light, Calculator, Alarms are the utilities that come in handy in everyday life. Sometimes you forget your torch light or you stuck in dark places in such cases light of smartphones are very useful. Alarms can be used to be alerted in desired times. Similarly calculator are also very used application in daily life.

7. Social Media

Social Media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus are very used social platform nowadays. Using them helps you to connect with your friends, families and celebrities you like where ever you are. They help to be socially active organize events etc. We can see photos, events and other information from their social feeds.

8. Email

Email is very important for all the peoples involved in various sectors. In the smartphone generation you do not need to worry about it because you have smartphone and you can read, compose and reply the emails directly from the smartphones where ever you are. It is very useful you can get information anywhere you are.

9. Notes

Do you have a list of thing to be bought after work from the market? Now worries are over. Every smartphones are loaded with notes feature. You can write notes and check whenever needed. This has ended the paper notes that you may forget or lost while you are going somewhere. Notes is a very useful feature smart people use in their smartphones.

10. Entertainment

Smartphones can contain large number of videos, books, magazines, music and games. Smartphones have become a inseparable due to its features. We can load our smartphones with our favorite movies, music videos, music and games. We can travel anywhere and use these features with us. These features have made our life more easier.