What people regret on their old age about past?

📅  2017-02-08  By:  aonemaster

Experience is a very important thing in human life through which proper decision can be made for the new initiative. What if you know the things you might regret in your old age now? Surely, everyone wants to know and improve their present so that they do not have to regret that thing in old life. Based on the survey and online research we have listed some main common things people regret in their old age.

1. Ignore what other people think

Many people in the old age think that it was better if they have ignored the mentality what other people think. Old people think that its only a waste of time and unnecessary thing.

2. More Performance

People also regret that if they had performed more thing in life. It does not mean to win Oscar or Nobel prize but do more little than that is done.

3. Share true feelings

"It would be better if i would have told him or her about my true feelings on them". This statement is also a common regret people feel at older age.

4. Sacrifice for own

People in older age also regret that they sacrifice for other hurting oneself and killing own desire. So its recommended that life your own life rather than on others.

5. Follow passion of life

Many people get stuck into stable salary and lifestyle but could not date to follow passion. This is what people regret in old life. So take risk and follow passion of life.

6. Let Children follow their own passion

One of the regrets is not allowing their children to be what they wanted to be. People on their age gets stubborn and do not let children to follow their passion. However people regret later. Hence, it is suggested that let children what they wanted to be.

7. Work Less

Financial success and career accomplishment does not always means fulfilled life. People in their old age regret if they have worked less.

8. Travel More

Traveling is the one of the regret people have in their present life with all age. People always regret on not traveling in their age due to several reasons like lack of money, children, job etc. So it is highly suggested to overcome with all problems and travel more.

9. Spend more time with family and children

Another regret almost all old people do is not spending more time with family and children. So it is higly suggested to spend more time with family and children as well as friends too.

10. Be happy and worry less

There is no benefit of worrying and being sad at all. This is completely waste of time and energy as well as discouraging own self. People regret if the had been worry less and been happy more.