Stop throwing Egg Shells

📅  2017-02-13  By:  aonemaster

Till the date you might be throwing eggshells, but now you can use it in two different ways. Either you can eat the eggshells after some processing or use it to your kitchen garden. Throwing eggshells is not good idea now. Because they are good source of calcium for both human and animals.

Each year the world food industry produces tons of shell waste. Instead of wasting your eggshells why not eat them or use in kitchen garden? Eggshells are actually a great source of calcium
because they contain 95% calcium carbonate. A chicken eggshell can contain about 2 grams of calcium, which is 2 to 4 times the daily recommended value. This does not mean we can inhale the raw eggshells. They are harmful after certain processing they can be eaten.

1. Boil the eggshells to kill any potential bacteria.
2. After Boiling bake the eggshells at 200 degree F for 9 to 16 minutes.

After killing potential bacteria now grind them into a fine powder. Eggshell powder is considered as a good source of calcium. It also has proven to reduce pain and bone loss in women with senile osteoporosis.

You can add eggshell powder to recipes for foods like: Pizza, dough bread, spaghetti etc. But we should be careful because too much or too little calcium is harmful to our health. The typical healthy adult needs no more than 1 gram of calcium a day.

Now, do you throw away your eggshells?