Difference between HDD and SSD

📅  2017-02-12  By:  aonemaster

What does your computer have HDD or SSD? Hmm.. what? Ok you don't know what does it mean.. cool. We explain it now. HDD refers to Hard Disk Drive while SSD refers to solid state drive. HDD is old technology while SSD is new Technology. HDD uses a mechanical arm to read, write into disk of HDD while in SSD there is no mechanical arms. HDD is very much slower than SSD. SSD makes no noise compared to HDD that makes lots of noise.

You can think of your home old computer and pen drive. Your computer's harddisk is a HDD while your pen drive is SSD. Nowadays new computer come up with SSD harddisk but with low capacity. This is because SSD are expensive than HDD. SSD have many more advantages on all aspect. SSD are more durable, faster than HDD. Only the disadvantages of SSD is it is very much expensive. It is expected that in coming years it might become less expensive. Samsung offers a good SSD harddisk over other SSD manufacturers.