How to prepare rice that does not increase body fat?

📅  2017-02-13  By:  aonemaster

It is said "Dal Bhat Power, 24 Hour" in Nepali. This is for sure Nepali consume lots of rice. This imbalance has created obesity in Nepalese people. The intake was Ok when most of the people work hard on their farm many years ago. But now a days people started to work in office and there is no adequate physical exercise.

Rice contains huge amount of carbohydrate which is essential to our body. However excessive intake of carbohydrate leads to excess fat and obesity. To solve the problem of excessive fat by eating regular amount of rice there is one technique discovered by experts. There is a process of making rice that reduces the calorie intake by 50 to 60 percentage.

Add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to water that is boiled.

Add half cup of rice after oil is stirred.

Simmer for 40 minutes or until the rice is fully cooked.

Finally, refrigerate it for 12 hours before consuming.

This will significantly reduce the calorie intake to greater extent. It is very helpful for those who have blood sugar or weight issues.