Low Birth Rate Problem in Denmark

📅  2017-02-09  By:  aonemaster

According to Denmark government statistics, Denmark posted a birth rate of 10 per 1,000 residents in 2013 — its lowest in decades while the nation’s birthrate was 9.9 in 1983. This seems to be a big problem in Denmark's demography. Denmark had announced the program called Do it for Denmark to improve the birth rate. The program was successful to increase the birthrate. So another program Do it for Mom was announced. To increase more babies in Denmark, government is paying some money for couples in the summer. It is estimated that couples in summer vacation engage in sex and have babies. In addition, couples who sweats together will have higher chances of sex and produce babies. This greatly helps to be mom and on the other hand grand mom and grand father also.

Here is a video of the promotion of the program to increase copulation and so babies.