List of Best technology to use

📅  2017-02-13  By:  aonemaster

We use computer, smartphone, internet browsers etc. in our daily life. But we are confused which to use. In this page we discuss which technology to use. This is based on common feedback around internet and also based on high quality with affordable price. There might be better than suggestion listed here.

1. Laptop

There are many laptop manufacturers. They provide equally quality laptops at their price. The price and quality are frequently changing. Its your wish to buy laptops according to your budget. However if you can afford the Mac go for Mac laptops.

2. Smartphones

If you have low budget then there are cheap Chinese smartphone manufactures like Huwawei, Xiaomi, Zionee etc. They provide very good quality phones at very low cost. If you have high budget go for iPhone. Samsung smartphones are also best looking at price and quality.

3. Operating System(OS) on Computer

If you are looking for free operating system with excellent performance Linux is the best. Among various OS of Linux, Ubuntu is very easy to use and popular. If you have high budget then you can buy Mac Computers where MacOS comes by default. If you need very easy interface then use Windows but windows are very highly vulnerable to viruses.

4. Operating System(OS) Smartphones

Unlike OS on computers, till the date you cannot change OS of smartphones as you like. If you need free apps with wide range of functionality buy smartphones with android. If you have high budget buy Apples iPhones for very nice interface. Many apps under IOS of iPhones are not free.

5. Internet Browser

Google chrome is considered as best internet browser based on resource consumption and performance. Chrome is available for both smartphones and Desktop computers. Firefox is also a good browser but it consumes more memory.

6. Email

Gmail from Google is considered as good Email service provider.

7. Social Network

Facebook is considered as a good social networking site among all. Twitter and Google plus are also very good social networking sites.

8. Blogging Website

Wordpress and Blogspot are very good blogging website. Due to their user-friendly and customization qualities they are very popular among bloggers.

9. Smart TV

LG is considered as a very good smart TV manufacturer. It has developed a update-able TV Operating System. Sony is also another good Smart TV provider.

10. Image Processing Software

Photoshop is considered as best image processing software however if you like to use free and powerful alternative to photoshop then GIMP is the best option.

11. Hard Disk

There are commonly two types of Harddisk available today: HDD and SSD. HDD refers to Harddisk Drive and SSD refers to Solid State Drive. HDD are cheaper but slower. However we all prefer durable and faster performance so SSD is better than HDD.