How to extend the life of your Phones battery

📅  2017-02-06  By:  aonemaster

Smartphones are widely popular nowadays. People are engaged in calling, watching videos, browsing internet, chatting, playing games etc. Smartphone has become the time pass friend for almost all. However, there is a problem associated with it and the problem is its battery life. Nowadays many smartphone comes with the battery having greater Mah. However the problem never goes away. Here we present top smart ways to increase phones battery life.

1. Decrease the Brightness of the Screen

We can extend the phones battery by decreasing the brightness of the phones screen. Brighter screens are also harmful to human eyes. We should decrease the brightness when not needed.

2. Turn off while charging

If you are in hurry and you need to charge the battery soon then the best way is to switch off your phone and recharge it. Switching off and charging helps battery to charge it soon. If you do not like to switch it off then you can put it into airplane mode.

3. Switch to Airplane Mode while no network

You might be traveling somewhere where there is no network. In such cases your phone check the network extensively and battery is discharged so quickly. In such cases it is suggested to turnoff your phone or put it into airplane mode to save the battery life.

4. Turn off wireless features

If we are not going to use Bluetooth, GPS, WIFI or Mobile data then we should immediately turn of them. They are the main reason to decrease the battery life.

5. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Unnecessary apps are consuming the resources of the phones. By resources we mean battery life also. It is better to uninstall if we do not need them so that we can save battery life.

6. Disable dynamic themes and backgrounds

Disabling dynamic themes and backgrounds is another way to extends phones battery. The animation and changeable backgrounds consumes more power of the battery.

7. Set autolock sooner

Setting autolock feature to happen soon also increases the battery life. It may seem to be negligible but as a whole it saves too much battery time. So it is highly suggested to set autolock feature to happen soon.

8. Turn off data pushing notifications

Many applications use the data pushing notification features to allow users to be updated. These features also drains the battery life. Turn off these features if you do not need to save the battery life.

By following above tips you can save battery life to great extent. If this is not enough then you need to buy Power Banks for battery backup.