How can we make Nepal as Switzerland?

📅  2017-02-15  By:  aonemaster

Nepal is considered as a economically poor country with lots of corruption and also known for producing human labor. Whereas Switzerland is considered as a developed and rich country. Why there are lots of difference between these two countries? How to make Nepal as Switzerland: economically strong and clean environment. Here we try to list main improvement needed to convert poor Nepal into rich Nepal.

1. Literacy

Literacy is the most important thing in development. Literacy teaches man how to perform all things in a better way. Literacy should not be like passing 10 class in third division and going Arab countries for low level work, Literacy should be at least Bachelor degree or Master Degree with good numbers. When Nepalese get quality education they do not have to be tail of the politicians to fire tire and perform Nepal Strike. Instead they will build nation by performing the jobs according to their potential.

2. Electricity

Nepal not only has a potential to be self dependent on hydro-power electricity but also earn money by selling its excess electricity. There will be very less to no need of expensive LPG Gas, Petrol, Diesel etc. Nepal can be rich selling its electricity and save money from buying petroleum products.

3. Corruption

There should be at least death penalty for corruption. Corruption does not only indicate the politicians but also business man, employers and even store keeper. Politicians are doing corruption making loss to the country in the large scale. Similarly businessman and store keeper are also cheating individuals. In addition employers especially from government are making development slow and cheating peoples. So there should be very hard punishment for all those politicians to the shop keepers who add small stones in lentils.

4. Political Stabilization

There is always a game of thrones in the Nepali politics. Unless, these corrupted politicians stop being unethical political stabilization is not possible. Political Stabilization can bring lots of development plans into success.