10 secrets of Better Relationships

📅  2017-02-13  By:  aonemaster

Better relationships is linked with the happiness and success of every couples. Conflicting relationship is the reason of quarrel, distrust and tensions. In order to maintain better relationship there should be understanding and loving traits on both of the couples. Without both of them the relationship is not a bond of love. Being understanding and loving traits to be most important factors that govern long term relationships we list here 10 secrets for better relationships:

1. Honesty

Honesty is the most important aspect of longer relationships. Without honesty a good relation is like poison that destroys the life of both partners. Honesty is very much essential in the better relationships and mistrust is the main reason to make split in the relationships.

2. Communication

Communication is the most important factor that kicks out any mistrust or misunderstanding between any two or more parties. Every couple should communicate to understand each other on a regular basis. If anything that hurts each other should be shared and compensated as well.

3. Realistic and Committed Relationship

Do not always expect there will be smooth life. Life is a combination of ups and downs. There should always be committed relationship and people should not freak out with ups and downs of life.

4. Maintain Relationship

Relationship is not a natural thing that maintains itself. There should be workouts that needed to be done in order to maintain relationship. Unnecessary weeds ruin the main plant and weeding is necessary in the garden of plants, Similarly there is needed a weeding in the garden of love also. Understanding and communication is needed to maintain relationship.

5. Spend time together

Spending time together boosts relationship to a greater level. For a better relationship you should spend the time with your partner together. Spending time together does not mean watching tv together but spending quality time like traveling, trekking, etc.

6. Maintain some space

There should be some separateness between the couples because missing your partner helps remind you how important he or she is to you. Maintaining some space is needed to boost the relationship and make it better.

7. Respect

One major aspect that makes strong bond is respect. Both of the partner should respect each other because it is the way to appreciate each other and make better relationship. If you respect your partner you will get the same in return.

8. Compromise

There should be compromise between the partners. Without compromise the relationship cannot be better. All the problems are not solvable, all the things does not have definite decisions and there is difficulty whether or not the thing is right or wrong. So, without discussing what is right and what is wrong accept, compromise and compensate with each other.

9. Compliment

Compliment is another most essential factor for maintaining better relationship. Saying How beautiful or handsome the partner is not an uneasy task. Similarly you can explain how important is she or he in your life. You can repeat these type of complement time and again for better relationship.

10. Gift

Gift is another way of expressing love. You should always return gift if she or he gifted you. Gift shows that he or she cares about your interests and hobbies. Gift is a very good way to make your partner happy.