10 mysteries science cannot explain

📅  2017-02-12  By:  aonemaster

Due to rapid development in science and technology human are able to explore inside the earth and even outside in the space. However, there are still some mysteries that science cannot explain.

1. Origin of some strange creatures

Some creatures are found to have no ancestors. Science cannot explain where did they came from. Were they imported from planets like mars or anywhere else? No one have the answers.

2. Gelatinous Rain

Instead of rain an unusual jelly like substances fall from the sky in Oakville, Washington, in August 1994. Scientist are unable to find the exact composition and cause of the gelatinous rain.

3. Cows alignment

Almost all cows align themselves from North to South while grazing grass and pooping. How do cows align themselves? Do they have natural inbuilt compass? Science cannot explain the exact reason for this.

4. How do cats purr?

It is often believed that cats purr when they are happy and sometimes purr when they are stressed because purring helps them to minimize the stress. When they purr their heart beats cannot be felt. Science cannot exactly explain this.

5. Gelatinous Rain

As we know twenty seven percent of the universe is composed of dark matter which does not emit and interact with electromagnetic radiation. So it is impossible to detect the dark matter. The existence of dark matter was theoretically introduced 60 years before however scientists have not presented the exact evidence of its existence.

6. Left handed People

70 to 95% people are right handed while remaining little are left handed. It is believed that their hand orientation comes by birth. However scientists are not able to find the exact evidence and cause of it.

7. Megafauna Extinction

Science cannot explain why some animals like Megafauna got extinct. Some scientists raised the reason was starvation but it is fossils suggest that their stomach were full of greens.

8. Why do we dream at night?

Dream is a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep. Many people dream. Some people do not dream. People dream about their problems, thinking and daily life. Dream is common but what is it exactly no one knows.

9. Different blood types

We all have our blood types. Blood types have different antigens in blood cells. They are signals of antibodies that destroy foreign cells in the body. However, scientists cannot explain why they are different.

10. Bermuda Triangle

Many planes and ships are swallowed by Bermuda Triangle. Scientists claimed different theories about the secret of Bermuda Triangle but none of them are accepted by all. Recently, some scientists claimed that it is due to formation of hexagonal clouds above the sea. But still it is considered as mysterious